Instant Car Value Calculator

Instant Car Value Calculator

Usually, scrap car dealers want to get the profit out of your vehicle. And for this purpose, they pay you low. Sometimes, they even want you to tow your car to their junkyard, which is further drainage to your pocket. And in the end, you’ll be surprised to know that your scrap car is worth $500 or less.

To save yourself from all of this hassle, choose Instant Car Value Calculator. We offer a free towing service. Plus, you can use our calculator to calculate the value of your scrap car, and we’ll pay you the most competing price in the market.

Want to get an instant offer for your junk car?

When your car gets too old that you can’t even repair it anymore, or have no money left to repair your vehicle. You may think that you have no other option left instead of just throwing it away. Well, you still have an opportunity to sell it. And you can earn money way more than you expected by selling your junk car.

All you need to do is to calculate the value of your vehicle. And then, get an instant offer for that. Want to know the procedure for calculating the value of your junk car? In this article, we’ll let you know about the whole process.

How to calculate the value of a scrap car?

While calculating the value of a scrap car, the thing that comes first is your vehicle’s weight. The heavier it weighs, the more costly it will be. Plus, the make, model, and the engine of your car are of some significance. So, if you own some classic car, then the scrap dealers will surely make money out of it. And they have to pay you more for the vehicle.

When you sell your car to a junkyard, they will dismantle your vehicle and use its usable parts. Moreover, they’ll crush the leftover metal and use it for other cars and parts. So, the value of your scrap car depends upon its components as well.

By the passage of time, the worth of your car decreases. And maybe sometimes you’re just going to get an offer of $500. It is possible because the price of metal is decreasing. Therefore, you can try other methods as well as recycling the valuable parts of your car. But the cost will barely exceed $500.

Instant Car Value Calculator will help you to get an estimate of the price of your scrap car. For this purpose, you can use our calculator to get an idea about the value of your scrap car.

How does our scrap car value calculator work?

At Cash for Car Canada, our mission is to serve our customers with the best. Our commitment is to provide you complete satisfaction with our work.

Based upon the condition of your vehicle and its year, make, and model, we’ll offer you the most competitive price in the market. Upon settlement, we’ll tow your car to our junkyard for free. And will pay you a high amount of money right on the spot.

How does it work?

Follow the steps below for the complete and accurate valuation of your car:

  1. Enter the details

    We require details like the registration number of your vehicle and its mileage. Also, do mention if you don’t have the car title. Being UVIPs licensed, we can buy your car without a car title as well. After entering your vehicle’s info, you’ll receive an offer shortly.

  2. Acceptance of the offer

    The offer given by our experts is valid for at least 24 hours. So if you are doubtful about it, you have the time to think about it.

    At Cash For car Toronto, our services are transparent and customer friendly. We offer you what your vehicle is worth? And let you know about all the little details. So whenever you can make your mind, you can accept the offer. We’ll start from where you left.

  3. Schedule our Services

    We care for your time. That is why we leave it all to you to decide about the pick-up time. Our skilled professionals will arrive at your place at your scheduled time. Firstly, we’ll evaluate your vehicle, and then we’ll tow it to our junkyard for free.

  4. Get paid

    Toronto CashForCar will pay you on the spot and the same day. You can get paid up to $15,999 for your scrap car.
    So please pick up your phone and join our list of customers.