What Paperwork Do I Need to Sell Junk Cars?

There comes a time when your car gets too old to use. And repairing an old car, again and again, is frustrating and costly. CashforCarCA.com is a better option for you. Sell your car to us. We offer you a fair amount of money for your old or damaged vehicle. But before selling your vehicle, there might be a question of what paperwork you need to sell your junk car.

Ensure you have all the right documentation to enjoy a smooth and hassle-free process. Plus, having the proper documentation will save you from later problems as well. In this article, we’ll go through all the information you need to know about the documentation to sell your old car safely.

Required documents for selling an old car:

Privately, selling an old car is very complicated and exhausting. That is why you should try selling your old vehicle to a dealership for smooth and easy processing. And make sure that they hold a license for recycling and wrecking purposes. Because recycling your car anywhere else is a criminal activity. Cash for Car Toronto is the car wreckers with an ATF (Authorized Treatment Facilities) license. And we dismantle parts like batteries and oil carefully. All you need to do is to contact us.

In documents what comes first is:

Car Title:

For selling your car, what comes first is the car title. It signifies the owner of the vehicle. So it authorizes you to sell your vehicle quickly and allows you for the private sale.

All you need to do while selling your old car is fill in in the transfer information on the car title. Then, the buyer will take that car title to DVM to have a new car title in their name.

We suggest that you first skim through your state’s DVM website to get all the necessary information as the rules and regulations are different for different states. And you have to follow all the rules and restrictions for selling your junk car.


You want this document to provide your driving history and the accident history of your vehicle. This document is mandatory.

Bill of Sale:

In Toronto, providing a bill of sale is mandatory as it allows for extra protection. This document signifies that both parties have agreed upon the purchase. It contains information about the car’s condition, the date when the car was sold, transaction details, and the price at which the vehicle was sold.

After the car title, this document is the second important document as it protects the seller and the buyer involved. So, no one can turn around and claim the vehicle. Or claim that you provided false information about the car.

We will help you sell your car safely and efficiently. We’ll let you know about the details. Our professionals will solve all of your quarries and will help you go through the process smoothly.

Transfer Notice:

Transfer notice is significant for being a seller for your safety. It will tell the DVM that as you’ve sold your car, you are no longer responsible for any damage caused by it. You can also fill out this notice through the electronic form. And for safety, you have to provide this document as soon as possible to DVM after selling your vehicle.

Emission Test:

This paper is not mandatory but is required. Because on behalf of a valid E-Test government will change the ownership of the vehicle. Therefore, you have to bring this paper to the owner to prove that your car is roadworthy and safe. An E-TEST is valid for two years. So, if you already have one, bring that along with you.

Safety Test:

This paper is not mandatory, but you can still bring this being extra careful as it ensures that your vehicle meets your province’s minimum safety standards. And it will add value to your sales. Furthermore, it will be helpful while dealing with wise buyers. We suggest you bring this paper as well, along with other documents.

Car Proof Report:

This paper shows the accident history and your ownership of the vehicle. Therefore, it will make your buyer have more trust in you. And will make your selling easy.

Final Thoughts:

For easy and smooth selling, you need to bring all the documents. It will save you from the later hassle. That is why we recommend that you should keep a record of your vehicle about every single thing. If you want to sell your old car quickly, Call us at 4373459575 we’ll help you with this.