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Wondering where and how to sell your scrap car? With, you can sell your car quickly on the same day. Since years we’ve been serving the GTA and suburbs. That’s why our customers have years of trust in us. We buy and sell complete vehicles and have new stock weekly. Plus, we have a massive range of car parts as well. With this, there might come the following questions in your mind that:

How can I sell my car for wrecking?

You can get money out of your wrecked car within just three simple steps:

  • Call for a free quote.
  • Upon settlement, we’ll tow your vehicle to our junkyard for free.
  • We’ll offer you instant cash right on the spot. Or will either transfer it to your bank account whatever suits you more.

Our professionals will arrive with you fully dressed and will attend you with a smile.

How much Cash for wrecking?

We’ve fixed the price list, so you know what you’re paying. Plus, we guarantee you the most competitive price in the market. We buy all king of wrecked, crushed, and damaged cars. So you can get money out of your crushed vehicle as well. And can get paid up to $15,999.

Get Cash for scrap car up to $15,999:

Ever wondered that you could get paid dollars for your damaged vehicle? Yes, this is possible. You can get paid up to $15,999 for your old, damaged, and crushed car. It all depends upon the condition of the vehicle. Plus, our final quote depends upon the visual analysis of your vehicle. So our professionals will arrive you according to the schedule to analyze your vehicle. And will evaluate your vehicle. Upon settlement, we’ll tow your car for free and pay you a considerable amount of money.

Top car wreckers in GTA:

Our Services include:

  • Instant Cash.
  • Free towing service.
  • Hassle-free paperwork.

All this on the same day. Further, we buy all kinds of wrecked, crushed, scrap, and junk old cars, trucks, vans, 4×4, UTE, and all the other four-wheelers. And if you choose our self-care service then surely you’re going to pay less. But if dismantling or fixing parts is not your thing. Then, could you leave it to our professionals? We’ll provide you the best services we can. Moreover, we are licensed dealers, and it allows us to buy and sell any vehicle openly.

Quality car parts at an economical price:

Along with the selling of complete vehicle, Car Wreckers Toronto buys and sell car parts as well. Our professionals are specialized in all makes and models. We buy and sell not only new car parts. But we also buy old second-hand parts of cars which are almost rare in the market. So you don’t have to look further at your local car repair retailers. We have all you need.

Our junkyard is clean and organized, and we don’t allow children for safety purposes. Here, you can get whatever you want from second-hand batteries to second-hand tiers. You ask, and we’ll deliver on the same day.

Warranty on second-hand car parts:

Here in Toronto Car Wreckers, our professionals carefully dismantle old cars and remove all the usable parts. We run multiple checks on them and then add those parts in our storage. Therefore, we can guarantee you the warranty for these second-hand car parts. As we hire only experienced and qualified professionals.

We sell multiple second-hand car parts, including:

  • Polished and cleaned headlights.
  • Taillights.
  • Used car doors.
  • Second-hand motors.
  • Car Engines.
  • Auto-transmissions, and many more.

We also offer tier sale services. So you can save your money by buying tiers from us. Plus, we provide commercial fitting services as well.

Free Vehicle collecting service:

You might be thinking why you should choose us instead of all other dealers? Here’s the thing, we provide you free towing services. Unlike most of the dealers, Car Wreckers Toronto knows well about know and how of our business. That is why our experts will come to your place and provide you with their efficient services and instant cash. We even buy all of your unregistered vehicles for recycling purposes. And accept all the unwanted brands. Furthermore, our whole evaluation process is free, and we also not cost you transportation services.

Responsible Recycling:

Cash For Car Toronto is the licensed recyclers. And we have the authority to recycle all of the scrap metal while keeping the environment clean and green. So you can rest assured that you are not harming the environment by recycling your wrecked car.