Q: What makes and Models do you buy?

A: CashforCarCA buys all kinds of vehicles. No matter how old your car is to sell it to the Cash For Car CA and get money in replace. We buy all kinds of cars, trucks, UTEs, SUVs, Vans, and all four-wheelers.

Q: How much cash can I expect in return for my old car?

A: You can earn up to $15,999 for your old car. Our final quote depends on the visual analysis of your vehicle. After evaluating the year, make, and model of your vehicle and looking at its condition, we’ll offer you an instant quote.

Q: What is the advantage of choosing CashforCarCA.com?

A: Here are some of the advantages of choosing us:

  • We offer instant cash and free towing services.
  • We are licensed, bonded, and insured.
  • You can remove your car in three easy steps.
  • We have no hidden policies or fees.
  • We provide guaranteed offers.

Q: What is your fee?

A: We charge nothing to our customers. You don’t even have to pay the transportation fee. CashforCarCA professionals will arrive at your doorstep at will provide you free estimation services. You don’t also have to pay for our valuable services.

Q: When can we sell our old car?

A: You can sell your old car whenever you feel that it’s the right time and you should do it now. There is no specific time to sell your vehicle. It would help if you sold it as soon as possible to get the best offer.

Q: Can I still sell my car without a car title?

A: At CashforCarCA, you can still sell your car without a car title. As we have an UVIPs license, and it authorizes us to buy and recycle any junk metal openly.

Q: Do you guys sell second-hand parts of the car as well?

A: Yes, we do sell second-hand parts as well. No matter it from which year and model, we have it. So CashforCarCA.com is a one-stop-shop for you. And now you don’t have to look further at the local spare part retailers. We have everything you need.

Q: What is unique about your recycling process?

A: Our professionals have years of experience, and they carefully dismantle your old car. They’ll remove all the usable parts carefully. And then, we will recycle all the junk metal left behind. We are licensed, and our professionals are insured. It provides us the full authority to recover all the junk metal.

Q: How can I remove my scrap car?

A: With CashforCarCA, you can easily remove your scrap car in just three steps:

  • Enter your information for your vehicle.
  • Get an offer.
  • Receive the cash.

Q: My car is severely damaged, will you still buy it?

A: We never care about the condition of the car. We’ll buy your vehicle even if it is crushed to pieces because even a crushed and damaged car is essential to us. We’ll recycle its metal and use it in other vehicles and products.